37th Festival Theatertage am See  20th-26th of June 2022

Call for applications 2022 Positions

When we had chosen the motto for 2021, we never could have imagined that we would hit the nerve of our times so precisely! Taking a position is the challenge of our present days! The pandemic forced us to cancel the 36th Festival “Theatertage am See” in Friedrichshafen for the first time in the history of the festival. Not even the burning down of our theatre rooms in December 2002 brought us down to our knees. 

But the  repeated lockdown of the public life has led to an existential crisis of the cultural sector and our whole society. We are challenged more than ever to take position: doubt and uncertainty are omnipresent - previously believed certainties are beginning to falter. 

"Where do I stand?" 

"Where do you stand?" 

"How do I position myself?"

"How are you positioning yourself?" 

At the same time we also experience that culture and art are integral to our existence! We humans cannot live without it! And that is exactly why we wanted to decide that  - even when the only certain thing is uncertainty -  to start planning the 2021 Festival “Theatertage am See” at Lake Constance in the South of Germany. It will of course be a different festival, at a different time and in different formats. Whether analog or digital, we cannot say yet. We plan to host the Festival in a huge tent, with sufficient possibilities of keeping the distance and in compliance with applicable hygiene regulations. 

The motto of the festival 2020 "Solo-Duo-Trio-Quadro" will therefore also remain in effect for our festival in 2022. The associated smaller stage formats will move into the focus of real possibilities of a "theatre at distance", analog or digital. We are curious, which aesthetic answers the amateur theatre will find in/through/because of/for and to this crisis. 

We are looking forward to your applications! All performing arts disciplines, inter-generational, trans-cultural, inclusive, international are welcome!

Application deadline is 15st of March, 2022

Registration and conditions of participation


Conditions of participation

The festival „Theatertage am See“ is dedicated to the idea of being a forum of meeting people and theatre groups within the scope of International Amateur Theatre. We suppose that the actors and actresses of the participating groups play theatre as a hobby or even out of „passion“, but do not earn their living through acting. However, the directors or teachers of the groups can be professionals.

International Amateur Theatre

Friday, 24th until Sunday, 26th of June 2022

Kulturhaus Caserne Friedrichshafen

The Festival will have its own, separate jury, which will attend the performances, lead the discussions afterwards and decide on the theatre award, the best act of each section will get.  

What we hope to achieve with the festival: 

• To create and enhance an intercultural dialogue through theatre.

• To offer a forum of exchange and discussion about the shown theatre performances and between the participating theatre groups via our well established „playback method“.

• To create a deeper awareness about theatre (contents, themes, techniques) and directing in order to give impulses for further development.

• To work on advanced actor or director training by offering a parallel workshopprogramm.

Therefore we expect, that the participating theatre groups (or at least most of their members) are present at the Festival during the entire period (in their category). This is to ensure that they make use of the opportunity to watch various performances, to participate actively in the discussions and the playbacks after each performance or to take part in one of the workshops offered during festival weekend. 

Payment arrangements

Participating groups play without getting paid. They are responsible to take care of the stage rights of their performed theatre play. The board of the „Theatertage am See Festival“ pays the royalties for the „Society for Musical Performing and Mechanical Reproduction Rights“ (GEMA), if a list of the songs used in the performance is handed in at least 4 weeks before the actual performance.

Shortly after their arrival, the group will be asked to fill in all the participants names into a participation form. The collected data is only used for the internal accounting of the festival.

All members of the participating groups get a free admission card to all performances of the festival. By showing this card at the Information Desk, single entry tickets to all performances will be handed out. If the performance is sold out, there will be no admission without an entry ticket. 

Costs of board and lodging

The festival organisers do not take an admission fee but cover the costs for boarding and lodging during the groups stay in the course of its performance (usually 2 complete days of presence). Beverages are not included. 

Travel costs 

Invited theatre groups cover their travel costs on their own.

Only in particular cases, the festival board may offer a subsidiary partial payment. If a group intends to get such a subsidy, it will have to provide information about approximate travel costs and the amount of money the group can possibly contribute, already with the initial application. You can download the required form on our festival website (“Travel costs”).

The following reasons can entitle for receiving the above mentioned subsidies:

• A group comes from a country with „low“ currency and therefore cannot afford to cover travel costs.

• The group participates on a AITA/ IATA agreement and gets its travel costs paid by either the BDAT (Bund Deutscher Amateurtheater/ Foundation of German Amateur Theatre), the Federal Republic of Germany or the European Union, with the ambition to support cultural exchange.

• According to its socio-cultural background, 

a group has very little or no financial support from its community, parish or region.

• The group has an educational or school background and can not afford to pay the travel costs for the whole group alone.

Information on how to apply at Theatertage am See

The following content must be handed in- otherwise the application will not be accepted by the jury. You are welcome to tick off:

• short summary of the play (max. 800 characters in length)

• short text about the group (max. 700 characters in length)

Please note: In case of participation, these texts will be used for our online and printed version of the programme. Please make sure the texts are easy to understand and effective for advertising purposes. 

• maximal 5 expressive photographs in high resolution (jpeg), for which the group owns the digital copyright, and therefore can be used in our printed and online version of the programme

The following items can also be handed in. The more interesting material is being handed in to the jury, the better the  jury gets a picture about the productions. 

So please feel free to be creative. Please tick off, when added:

• video of the whole production or parts of it. 

• link ore data carrier (CD, DVD or stick/thumbdrive)

• poster/flyer (pdf, jpeg)

• press articles /reviews (pdf)

• programme of the play (pdf)

Important note:

If the online application form ist filled out incomplete oder if uploads are missing it can’t be sent off.

Application deadline is March 2022, 15th!.