37th Festival Theatertage am See  22th-26th of June 2022

Call for applications 2022


When we chose this motto for 2021, we never imagined that we would hit the nerve of the times in such a way. Taking a certain attitude is the personal challenge of the present! The pandemic forced us to cancel the 36th Theatre Days at the Lake Constance: For the first time in the more than 30 years history of the festival we had to pause for two years. And in order not to risk failure a third time, we are changing the place and time of the festival. 

The 37th Theatertage am See will take place from June 20th- 26th   at the Kulturhaus Caserne, Fallenbrunnen 17 in Friedrichshafen. 

This is just 500m away from our usual location. In this venue there are at least 4 stages available for us, including an open air stage. Unfortunately there are no workshop rooms. 

We are looking forward to see many amazing theatre performances. The motto remains the same: We are challenged more than ever to show attitude.  

Doubts, uncertainty, a threat to social cohesion are strongly felt - previously believed certainties and nowadays- certainties are shaken. 

"Where do I stand?"

 "Where do you stand?" 

"How do we position ourselves?" 

"With or against each other?"

But we also experience that culture is alive, how it develops new approaches to play with , rehearsal work and presentation formats. It is impossible to imagine our existence without theatre! 

We are curious which aesthetic answers and artistic formats the amateur theatre will find in/through/because of/for and to this crisis.

Please apply with your theatrical approach to “Attitude”.

We welcome all performing arts disciplines: intergenerational, transcultural, inclusive and international.

Application deadline is March 15th , 2022


Please fill in the application form as well as the technical rider, add some photographs,

contact us via E-mail. 


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