'Intercultural Projects  at the  Theatertage am See 2018

For the fourth time there will be Theatre-Projects at Friedrichshafen:

„ wir … hier“ (we...here) has been established in 2014 by the Förderverein Theatertage am See.

This is a special project in Friedrichshafen and its surroundings for schoolgroups and is also open for other groups interested in theatre .

The aim of this project is to bring together young people with and without a migration background.

The groups and courses are lead by professional theatre- paedagogical teachers . The groups/classes work for one week at their schools or other training rooms and perform at the end of the week at the Bodenseeschule St. Martin (Friday morning).

It is intended to develop an understanding for what is meant b y  „wir...hier“ between the young people  who work together in the groups and school-classes. What do they hope, dream and live for?

By these theatre-, film-, art- and musical – and Circus- projects  we want to develop a better understanding, tolerance and the possibility for peaceful living together. There is nothing more important than dialogue, respect for each other and the dignity of each human being.